Hosiery Advice


1. Use cotton or silky gloves. Remove all items from your hands

and wrists and ensure all fingernails are smooth along with toe

nails. Moisturise your hands, heals and legs with Starts with Legs body

lotion. No body lotion is to be applied when wearing Stay Ups that

have silicon bands.

2. Firstly one of the legs of the hosiery needs to be gathered from

the toe to the knee using your index finger and thumb. Your toes then

go in that gathering that has been created. Ensure that the seam is

horizontal across your toes.

3. The gathered hosiery is then gently pulled over your heel, up the calf

and over the knee. Avoid pulling too hard and avoid twisting . Repeat

this process for the other leg.

4. Once both of the hosiery legs are stretched up and over the knees,

alternate the unravelling of the hosiery between both legs, then up over

your hips.

This process prevents the possibility of a run in your hosiery.


Use a satin garment bag or transparent plastic bag, or store it all

together in the Starts with Legs half-moon box.


It is recommended that hosiery be washed by hand in lukewarm water

with a mild, non-chlorine detergent or mild (hair) shampoo. Rinse them

thoroughly in water. Bunch together and squeeze out the excess water,

but do not pull, wring or twist them. Never dry clean hosiery. Hosiery is

best dried flat so as to avoid stretching. Avoid direct heat from sunlight

and indoor heaters. Do not use a drying machine or an iron.

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