Brrrrr …Its Chilly!!!!! Wool tights are the go, we have all types

IMG_1758-001bad Jennifer Collant3GCWIN_Collant_WINTER_Tights_491x6501_medium[1]Untitled_large[1]Alison_Collant_large[1]GCERT_Collant_CONCERTO_Tights_434x5751_grande[1]GCRMU_Collant_ARMURE_Tights_434x5751_compact[1]

Here are a few from our range , they are all so soft and warm great to wear.

Perfect for that night owl dinner or just about anywhere……

Try one of the gift sets to keep your lady warm

Wool tights just arrived from Falke complimenting our range of trendy tights perfect for this weather.

Wool tights are also available from Transparenze, Gerbe, and  Columbine Take a peak online.




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